Live a life that is in harmony with your life’s purpose!

Live your life’s purpose!

Would you like to discover your deepest dream? Your true life’s purposes? Once you know what it is, would you like to learn how to manifest it faster? And start living the life you were designed to live?

We all have something we desire to do or accomplish! It’s different for each of us. Sometimes we even feel stuck and don’t know how to get our life from stuck to the future life we deserve to live. There is a process to help get us from where we are right now to where we want to be. So regardless of why you’re stuck and what your dream or desired life is, there is a process that will give you the action steps to start moving in the direction of living out your dream and/or life’s purpose.

Most people spend more time planning where to go on vacation than they spend planning where they want to go in life. So let me ask you, what is something you have always wanted to do? Start your own business? Write a book? Create a music CD? Find your soul mate? Buy your dream home? Take a long well deserved vacation? Retire early? Spend just a minute and think to yourself, what is it that you would really love to do? What is you could accomplish this, how would that make you feel?

New class starts week of April 1, 2013

I am starting my next group coaching session with a maximum of 10 people. I can guide you and help you through the process so you can start living the life you have always wanted to live. Coaching in groups, we in turn can support each other. If groups are not what you’re looking for and would like more personal one-on-one attention then we can do individual coaching sessions.

Have you ever wanted to hire a life coach to guide you through the specific steps to get you where you truly want to be in life? Before you decide if I am the right life coach or this program is the right program for you, I want to give you a complimentary 30 minute strategy session (Value = $250). Simply contact me here, . Let me show you how I can help support you in discovering and building your dreams!

So say YES to yourself right now. Say YES to your higher calling. Say YES to creating the difference-making life you have always wanted and desired.

To your greatness!

Lisa Ruggeri

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